With the current financial and political climate, it is easy to feel the fearful energy that has arisen. As I see it, we have a couple of choices. We can either succumb to the fears or we can use the current conditions to raise our consciousness.

Some years ago, just before I accepted my apprenticeship to become an ordained minister, I decided there were two significant ways that I could personally make the greatest difference for the planet. Given my skills and talents, I debated between becoming a politician or a spiritual supporter. You know what I chose.

I have a tremendous respect for politicians. They are faced with some of the most challenging ethical, moral and practical decisions a human could face. And while they are supposed to represent their constituents, they also have their campaign funders and their own conscience to consider with every vote they make. There are days I simply shake my head in wonder that I ever contemplated that path of service.

I chose to embrace spirituality as my path because it seemed to me then, as it still does today, that if we are going to improve the quality of life on this planet, we must first improve the quality of our spiritual awareness. If we are going to raise in consciousness, we need to become morally and ethically responsible, awakened beings who value our various religious traditions and spiritual practices, while coming together to uphold the rights and virtues of all beings. I held then as I do now, that if we could recognize the Divine in all living things, we would live differently. We would be more compassionate, responsible, thoughtful, respectful……you get the idea.

Regularly I witness individuals courageously accepting their challenges and using them to become more awakened, more compassionate people. Each person who does this is transforming not only themselves – but the world. I have so much respect for every person I meet who is “doing the work”—the inner manifestation of the world they want to see.

A very wise woman in one of my classes said the other night, “The transformation of the world begins with the self.” I can attest to that. I see it every year at SpiritQuest and during retreats when groups of people gather together to do their inner work and then participate in group activities. They are just as kind, compassionate, creative and respectful as you could ever hope people could be.

Many years ago, I had a vision that has guided my life. In the vision I saw many people inside a gleaming white bubble of light. They were laughing, eating, creating together in absolute joy. People stood outside the bubble looking in. They were welcome enter at any time—the only criteria being that they needed to be able to sustain this joy.

That is the world I am committed to creating. The chaos will just have to step aside.

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