This meditation was profoundly deep, yet my mind was focused. I was asking how I could best serve the people I am here to support. In reality, I discovered I had known all along. In truth, I needed confirmation.

The sacred pulse was strong and familiar. It did not have to be spoken to me in words or shown to me in vision. Though I had forgotten it for most of my life, every moment of every day has been bringing me to this realization.

I’ve been a student of energies—specific energies most of my adult life. When my daughter asked me if the baby in her womb was a girl or a boy, I didn’t get it right, but I knew whether the essence of the child was more yin or yang. I know how to support my grandchildren as I experience their essential expression of feminine or masculine energies at any given time in their development.

For years, I have looked at the world in ways many do not. Even as a business consultant, it has been my tendency to see businesses and organizations as fundamentally masculine or feminine in nature. I see their energies.

Masculine organizations tend to be goal-driven (not just goal-directed), have strict top-down management structures, with little opportunity for employee or customer input. They are highly efficient businesses, productive, and tight to their numbers. However, they lay-off employees a bit too easily and are sometimes out of sync with current market trends and needs, causing them to lose market share.

Feminine organizations tend to involve their employees and customers in their planning and have fewer layers of management. They are goal-directed, but not driven and will often “go with the flow” rather than hold to plans and projections, and are usually very much in sync with current markets. However, they have difficulty releasing non-performing employees, prefer not to lay-off anyone and will risk lower performance and profits rather than hurt anyone.

Can both energies exist within an organization? Actually, to be a truly healthy and vibrantly functioning organization, they must. When I was a more active consultant, I privately analyzed the business’ energy and then guided them to a more balanced state. A business needs to have clear direction, have management that can make difficult decisions in the moment without input from others and needs to have enough structure for everyone to understand their role and responsibilities. It also needs to have a pulse on the market, develop customer and employee loyalty and, when necessary, be able to move with the trends.

This planet aches and groans under the pressure of too much masculine energy without an adequate balance of feminine energy. We make decisions for the sake of profit or power without considering the short- and long-term effects on our planetary community. We wage war for immediate gain, and consider the outcomes and impact of those decisions after the fact. We will stick to a profitable plan, even when it is no longer working for the greater good.

We say things like, “The end justifies the means,” which is a great way to justify just about any action you want to take, even at the expense of many members of our planetary family.

All this said, masculine energy is fabulous. It has taken us out of the stone age into the comforts of modern civilization. The energy is directed and on purpose. The Divine Masculine energy is a vital and exciting aspect of creative force. But without its partner, the Divine Feminine, the creative force is out of balance, and we suffer from the repercussions of half creations.

For many years, I have said that in order for us to develop spiritually as humans and for the planet to evolve to its next potential, like the businesses that prospered in balance, we need to find ours. While I adore both energies, I know which one needs attention, across the globe, and that is the Sacred Feminine. She has been oppressed and forgotten for too long. It is time for us to remember her sacred nature within us.

So it was no surprise to me and probably no surprise to those of you who know me, that my blessed work and privilege is in supporting us all in remembering and honoring Her essence within us, so that She rises from the status of forgotten to the Sacred Partner of the Divine Masculine within us. When She is in balance within us, all of us and the world will prosper in ways we have dreamed and hope to experience.

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