I ask in meditation, what is the energy of 2012. I hear in response that this is the year of truth.

Truth is powerful. When we are living in our greatest truth, life can be exhilarating and exciting; peaceful and profound; clear and fulfilling. When we are not living in our greatest truth, the opposite is true. It can feel challenging, overwhelming, and even frightening.

My dear friend, Ariann Thomas, tells me that in 2012, we might find ourselves needing to pay extra attention to releasing our fears. She explains that if we have released our fears, it will be easier to be with the inner alignment we are likely to experience as the planets align themselves with the center of the Milky Way.

Most of us recognize those inner fears when they come up. It is common for many of us to simply attempt to: 1) ignore them, 2) convince ourselves they aren’t real, 3) avoid them, or 4) over-ride them with positive intentions. However, you might find that none of these approaches works as well with the powerful pull the aligning planets are creating.

So what do you do when fears arise? I find it helpful to remember that fears come up for a reason. I’ve heard the acronym, as you probably have to, of FEAR being False Evidence Appearing Real. I understand that fears are frequently the result of inaccurate assumptions and therefore not real; but I also know what when you experience the feeling of fear, fear feels very real.

You don’t have to abandon your very real feelings, as you attempt to convince yourself that the fear isn’t real. There is a way to honor the feelings and in doing so, allow the fears to abate.

A powerful remedy for fear is surrender. When you are in fear, some part of you is forgetting the truth of who you are. You are forgetting you are Divine. So what might happen if you surrendered to the feeling and allowed yourself to feel the fear as a legitimate experience? And what might happen next if you allowed yourself to feel compassion for feeling so much fear?

I bet you can feel it already. The fear shifts. It shifts simply because it has been recognized and honored. Now consider allowing yourself to surrender a little further—into your Divine nature—the true expression of you.

This part can feel really scary at times—to actually allow yourself to feel your divinity. You might have a different description of divinity that suits you better—your I Am nature, your Godself, your grace, beauty, or sweetness. However you might define it, allowing yourself to surrender to it allows the greater truth of who you are to emerge and express through you.

What was once fear becomes a conduit to self-awareness. In the awareness of who you are, you find the clarity that you need to know how to be and move through the energies of 2012.