Transitions, or feeling released, is the 9th of the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul for emotional healing.

For those of you who have been following our exploration of healing the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul with me, today we look at number nine—feeling released.

Feeling released, in love, becomes important as you prepare to cross over from this planet to the other side of the veil. It also becomes important any time you are making a significant transition in your life.

That means every time you move to a new home, begin a new relationship, take a new job, start a career path, have a baby, or any major change, this emotional need is in motion.

Making any transition easier…

You easily release to the Divine when you have forgiven yourself for the regrets you carry and have forgiven others for the things they did that became your resentments.

emotional need; emotional healingTrue forgiveness is not a thing you do, it is a compassionate understanding you carry in your heart. A sense of “I am that too.”

Forgiveness begins with compassion for yourself, and extends outward toward others.

When forgiveness is truly complete, you’ll know it, because you are able to see yourself and others in complete compassion. The judgments are gone.

You are no longer harsh and unkind toward yourself.

You speak to those who have harmed you with the same kindness with which you speak to those you have never hurt you.

You harbor no ill will toward yourself or anyone else. And you do not justify any of your intentional acts of rudeness, blame, judgment or unkindness toward someone else.

In books two and three of the Sacred Feminine Awakening series, Mary Magdalene offers some beautiful insights about the true nature of forgiveness, and the four levels of forgiveness one must experience for true healing to occur.

Your boundaries are clear, and your words are kind.

You are grateful for each experience that has ultimately brought you closer to Divine love.

You are ready to live in complete and loving Divine grace.

Grace is the outcome of deep emotional healing and is necessary for easy transitions.

emotional healing; death; crossing over; transitionWithout grace, death can be a struggle. This includes deaths of former careers, relationships, homes, etc.

Because life is rich with opportunities to learn and grow, it typically takes a lifetime to master having that much compassion at all times.

By living consciously through your transitions, you prepare for an easy journey at the time of your ultimate transition— your death—surrendering your body to the earth as your soul joins in union with the Divine.

Imagine, a life lived in greater ease and joy prepares you for your final joyful release!

Finding grace in all transitions is the key to your joy.

Feeling Released is one of 10 of the soul’s fundamental needs that Misa helps you navigate in her on-line video course, SHE: The 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul. You can learn more about it here.

How grace brings you greater joy as you prepare consciously for your ultimate release…

When you prepare consciously, you are choosing to enter into life as an experience living in grace. Your thoughts and words become more and more beautiful.

You live each day in gratitude and see the wonder of life all around you.

emotional healingAs you senses open to this state of on-going wonder and delight, life’s mysteries reveal themselves to you. You have no guilt about things because all your unintentional and intentional harm has been forgiven. What you attract into your life is quite profound.

Some people actually prepare for their ultimate transitions by asking for a vision of their death. This allows them to prepare with a greater feeling of inner peace.

For example, I’ve seen how and when I transition. This has actually helped me pace some of the decisions I make about my service to others. I’m a bit more patient with the process and willing to give my intentions time and space to manifest.

Some people also find it helpful to ask for clarity about their purpose or life work in a ceremony like a vision quest. This gives you an awareness about what is most important for you to accomplish in your life. Knowing you have done as much as possible in fulfilling your sacred contract can provide you with a tremendous sense of peace when it is time to make your crossing.

In asking for a vision of your death or your purpose, all manner of grace comes to you through the support of your guides and ancestors already on the other side of the veil. Your commitment is a signal to them that you are open to their assistance in your spiritual and emotional healing, and in using your time here well.

Their grace touches your life as they help you to live a most fulfilling life. Simply put, planning for your transition and feeling the delight of sweet releases, opens you up to grace that brings you fulfillment while you are living.