Gift of the Path of the Sacred Feminine Women’s Retreat

If I could sum up the experience of the Sacred Feminine in two words, these are the words I would choose, Compassionate Holding. In our world today, achievement reigns, and while achievement can provide us with a great sense of fulfillment, it is half of our birthright when it comes to fulfillment. Achievement is a Sacred Masculine or yang expression of the Divine. Compassionate Holding is the domain of the Sacred Feminine or yin aspect of the Divine. It is the least known and least understood of our true Divine Nature.

Because we do not deeply know this nature within ourselves and honor it with the same fervor and passion with which we revere achievement, we literally make ourselves physically ill, emotionally challenged, and spiritually limited. If we wish to know the freedom of true Oneness, for many of us, the Sacred Feminine aspect brings us into the wholeness of the One.

Compassionate Holding is what we experienced for two days during our Path of the Sacred Feminine retreat. As always, the women were bold and sincere as they sank into the dark, still and receptive essence of the Sacred Feminine. It is there that we explored the truth of who we are and our true potential as women in the world. Each woman discovered her own flight as she was consciously present to the chrysalis of her own making.

The chrysalis for women, as it is with the butterfly, is the womb or crucible that each of us creates in which to discover ourselves. Just like the butterfly, in order to be reborn we enter the darkness and become liquid (fluid and supple) as we prepare to give birth to our own emergence. In the liquid state, we see reflections of ourselves we would not otherwise be able to see. In those reflections we remember our true nature.

From that awareness, desire bursts from our hearts and we become the divine expression of the Sacred Masculine, bringing our deepest longings into manifestation in a physical world. But in order to manifest, the chrysalis must be broken. For some of us, that means beating ourselves against the very limits we have created, until finally we break free and are able to fly.

It is easy to see the chrysalis as something someone else has made to limit us, but what we discover in the silence of our being is that we are the ones that create our own limits. Limits are important. Without them we would not be able to enjoy the unique experiences of being human. And there are times when we wish to remember our limitlessness so that we can enjoy more of what our precious lives on earth have to offer.

Each woman is a gift to the world longing to share the depth of herself with creation. Each woman has the opportunity to be reborn as often as she wishes, so that her choices are consistently based in love, honor, integrity and respect—powerful reflections of her deepest truths.

The gift of this retreat is the beautiful women that burst through each their own chrysalis and share themselves, with their unique talents, to a world that needs their treasures.

To experience some of what we learn at the retreat, you might want to become familiar with our monthly video lessons: Secrets of the Sacred Feminine Revealed.