by Amari Gold
13204669_sI woke up the other morning with thoughts from a recent conversation on my mind and began to meditate on the judgment that surfaced about someone else’s behavior, someone close to me. I asked what the reflection of the behavior held for me. What I found in response to my query was that whatever judgment or disdain or anger or whatever feeling surfaces in my heart about another person is really what I am feeling about myself. In truth and Oneness, there is no “other”. What I define as the “other” merely serves as a reflection of myself.

Put another way, if the feeling exists in me, then it is mine, and it is about me.

My meditation then took me deeply and uncomfortably into a heaviness within my heart that held and felt those judgments that I was projecting upon another. Regardless of upon whom I project my dissatisfaction, I am the one who is feeling and experiencing the judgment and disapproval. So, again, here I am causing those feelings upon my own self. To cause those feelings upon my own being feels just like self disdain / hatred / judgment / criticism / punishment / etc. etc. etc.

When I asked myself “why do I hold myself in judgment?” an interesting response surfaced. “Because I keep doing these painful things to my heart!!!”

women-1000542_640 The wisdom of the Sacred Feminine recommends that we remain present with our feelings, including the ones that are the most painful, without judgment while holding them in love. As a conscious, non-judgmental witness we allow ourselves to experience our feelings wholly and completely. By experiencing the fullness of our heartache, anger, or discontent, and remaining a conscious witness to our true experience, love and consciousness serve to evolve our feelings into a higher state of expression.

This particular meditation became a very uncomfortable hour for me. My heart felt as though it wanted to “throw up” – to expel the goo of my judgment and disdain of myself. Yet, through the entire experience I was able to remain calm, assured that I was taking the swiftest route to liberation from self judgment available – through the heart and womb of the Sacred Feminine.

I have learned through my meditative healing experiences that repetitive thoughts ultimately become regarded as truths within my unconscious mind. I believe this to be true for all humans. As long as a thought remains alive and active it will continually attract more of its own vibration into our field of experience enhancing itself to become even more attractive to more of the same experience. This makes a great argument for doing whatever is necessary to dispel, dislodge, undo, erase, and un-create the excessive thoughts and belief patterns that lead us to judgment and disdain of ourselves and others.

leaves-1012948_640Later that morning I received an email confirmation from Angelina Heart of with this message:
“Soul Mates are part of your soul grouping – or soul family. They may derive from the original ray or soul fabric/family from which you were created, but they can also come from past life experiences in which you have formed a bond. As you evolve in this dimension, there are many soul mates who agree to act as divine mirrors. They have the ability to contain and reflect back to you both your shadow and your light, and as much of the divine Twin Flame energetic essence, or consciousness and love as you, yourself contain.”
“They play any number of roles for you to assist your own soul growth – roles of lovers or partners, family members, friends, and enemies, and so on. You are the only real person in your play and these soul mates will faithfully reflect back to you what you are or those things upon which you hold a charge or judgment . They assist you to become consciously one with your Christ-self (also referred to as your higher mental body) and your I AM Presence (also referred to as your God Self). Soul Mates act as the means or catalyst by which you evolve as a soul.”

It is through the Divine Heart and Sacred Womb that grace allows us to heal and transform during these most extraordinary times of soul advancement. Our honoring of the Sacred Feminine assists us immeasurably in our quest for true love, beginning with our self.