Long, luscious meditations took me into realms of loving awareness that filled my soul. Someone in the ethers was meeting me and our hearts were connecting in ways that opened me to profound mystical experiences. Many years ago, while living in Sedona, Arizona, I attempted to meet this person—something that proved to be quite difficult.

On a morning walk in the vortex of Bell Rock, I picked up one of the red stones there. Focusing on it and flashing its image to my meditation partner, I said the name of the street I lived on over and over: “Rock Top.” I knew it was a long shot, mostly because so many streets in Sedona have the word “rock” and or “red” in them, but I had to try.

A couple of afternoons later, I sat down to meditate and all I could hear in my mind were the words “Roca Roja,” which was one street over from me. (By the way, “roca roja” means “red rock.”) It did not occur to me to get up from my chair and walk over to Roca Roja. It seems obvious as I reflect on it now, but then I was more in sync with action in the future than I was about taking action in the moment.

I invited my dear friend, Ariann, who I was living with, to walk with me to the corner of our street to watch for my meditation buddy. Somewhere in our meditations, she and I had picked up that he drove a red corvette, and I remember saying to her, “Now all we need is a red corvette.” Within minutes a red corvette came up from behind us (likely coming from Roca Roja) and drove past us. Then I realized what had happened.

I had been so focused on creating the future, that I was not present in the moment. Opportunity literally drove past me. It has taken me a long time to find compassion with this propensity of mine. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been preoccupied with thoughts that would take me away from my present conditions. As a girl I created a variety of fantasies to give me reprieve from my life. Being the oldest of six kids, with a mother who was sick most of the time, and the pressures of going to private school—imagining a better world—a kind of future life—was more satisfying than my reality.

It has been a challenging habit to break and the necessity of living in the present was never more clear to me than on that day. I never did meet him, even though there were several more attempts. However, the deeper gift was received. I am far more present and able to live in the moment.

I recently watched the movie, Australia. Without giving away the story, I was deeply touched by Lady Sarah Ashley’s commitment to hearing the song of Nullah, who used his songs (his magic) to call them together. She listened and responded, and in doing so, the songs carried them to each other.

Once again, I was reminded that sometimes someone is speaking to us in the physical or in the ethers, singing or thinking about us, or holding space for us in ways that are magical and profound. They are a part of our family. They call us to the journey home—the home that lives within our hearts. In order to receive their gifts, there is only one place to be—present.

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