by Reverend Misa

I sit in the center of my beingness, Mysterious One, drinking in the nectar of the sky
and breathing in the textures of the earth.

I experience the joy of each moment, preferring neither day nor night, but enjoying
them both equally;

preferring neither the ways of man nor the ways of woman, but loving them both the same;

preferring neither life nor death, but appreciating the heaven that lives on both sides of the veil.

I lift up my heart in gratitude for the presence of the Divine in all living beings, in all unique appearances.

I consider choices I have made andbalance-110850_640 beliefs I held that I wish I had never acted upon, letting them die quietly in my heart.

I observe the mysteries of creation and see one all-knowing eye ponder my existence with the same sense of wonder with which I observe creation.

I see the faces of my enemies as faces of myself, and I see my supporters in the same light.  I hold them in the womb of my understanding, where I give birth to greater compassion.

I hear the cries of the oppressor and the one oppressed, recognizing them as the same being, struggling, longing to find the power of true freedom and fulfillment.

I open to love that lives beyond my questioning mind, my doubts and my fears.

Embracing Divinity, I become an observer of life, no longer taking every trespass personally, nor feeding my ego with any one’s approval.

Excited by the successes and happiness of others, I see their fulfillment as a reflection for all of us.ecuador-773941_640

Opening my arms wide, I receive the beauty of life and bless its existence in all its wonder.

Tasting the sacred nature of my existence, I stop my busy mind long enough to know the sweetly flowered essence of the spirit housed in my bones.

The journey unwinds within me, unfolds through me, undulates all around me in a timeless pulse that exists with no end.

Feeling deeply into the silence I recognize myself as the song and pulse of ages living on forever.

From “The Everyday Mystic”