Fulfilling the Emotional Need to Be Received


This is the second of the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul.

In a previous article, we  explored the importance of the need to feel wanted, and how feeling wanted establishes a sense of belonging in your life.

Today, we consider the importance of the need to feel received, one of the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul.

Being received is what the soul experiences when you are welcomed into this world by your parents at the time you are born.

In a healthy environment, you would have been sung-in with your own sacred song and called by your sacred name.

When you are received, you feel your parents’ joy for your arrival, and their desire to begin a grand exploration of life with you.

Environmental conditions and the karma of you or your parents can leave you with gaps in how much you felt received into your family and this world.

If you were met with two sets of loving, awaiting arms, you were lucky! If they awaited your arrival with anticipation and greeted you warmly when you were born, you are truly fortunate.

However, if the birthing process was traumatic, one of your parents was unable to be present, you were immediately adopted, or your parents weren’t ready for you in any way, you probably have a deep longing to be fully received.

Not feeling received can leave you feeling:

– Unable to fully receive life’s gifts

– Difficulty being received by others or receiving others

You might feel rejected frequently in life, or wonder who would want to be with you. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed or alone. Perhaps you wonder just how other people seem to be able to know what they want and receive it, seemingly effortlessly.

In your journey of emotional healing, you have the ability to feel what it means to be received as the “awaited one.”


In a vision during a ceremony I did a few months ago, I got to relive a lifetime in which I felt completely received. It was awesome!

I didn’t even know I had a gap in this regard. But since it showed up in my vision, I began Holding myself with the spirit of awaiting and receiving myself.

The feelings I experienced have been luscious!

It is fabulous to feel this profound quality of Sacred Feminine consciousness—the energy of reception.

I worry less and have even deeper trust in relationships and the Universe’s ability to fulfill my every need and desire.

I watch with awe as I encounter new people in my life, who are happy to be in my presence and I am happy to be in theirs.

Sometimes, they wish to further my work and, in return, I easily receive them and do what I can to further their sacred work.

Because I have felt received, I want those who enter my path to also feel received.

As with all emotional needs, you have the ability to fulfill your need for being received, by Holding yourself in compassion.

Recently, one of my counseling clients made a breakthrough in her ability to receive her joy.

After working together in counseling sessions to release the fears that held her from happiness, and she was able to allow herself to be lovingly received, she is now free to feel true joy,—and to sustain it.

Often, we need to find our peace with our fears, before we are able to feel our fulfillment.

I’m honored that she put my 30 years of spiritual healing insights and techniques to good use in letting go of her fears and truly receiving the source of her joy.

My hope for you is that you, too, will know what it means to feel received—and in experiencing this, fully receive the sweet gifts life has waiting for you!

Please share your thoughts and experiences of being received here.

You can pick up your own free audio of The Holding guided meditation to help you Hold yourself being received.