Step Three of the Creation Meditation

The true rebirth of the soul is more than a mental desire. If you have ever felt truly reborn, you know that the experience is a whole new perspective of self from the inside out. Your entire being—soul and body—emerge in nothing less than a sense of new self. Limited patterns, behaviors and beliefs seem to disappear as you experience a more true and full sense of your existence.

Certainly, the birth of the self often begins with a desire for new realization; frequently followed by choices and behaviors that reinforce that desire. Yet the rebirth itself occurs when we surrender to love. We stop fighting love and recognize that is all that we are. It sounds easy doesn’t it? And yet, the rebirthing of the self can be one of the most challenging aspects of the spiritual journey, because it requires we surrender our limited attachments and definitions of self.

In the ancient Creation Meditation that I was given to share with others, we follow the calling to be reborn, one step at a time until rebirth is all that is remains. The meditation begins with an honoring of the self, particularly the emotions that comprise your current experience of life. We refer to this as your “I am” for this moment. You might say, “I am angry,” or “I am hurt,” or “I am delightfully happy.” All of these emotional states reflect the “I am” of the moment.

If you choose to enter the first step of the meditation, you will hold your feeling in compassion and without agenda. There is no attempt to fix or mediate anything. There is only a willingness to be present to what is being experienced through your feelings in this moment. The loving witnessing or holding of emotion is enough for the emotion to release. It might take minutes, hours, days, or weeks, yet if the emotion is held in love with great sincerity and no desire to get beyond the feeling, the feeling will transform itself. The transformation takes you to higher frequency feelings and states of Divine self-awareness.

This new state of “I am” is then witnessed through the union of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, where the light and passion of the Sacred Masculine lovingly merges with the dark, stillness of the Sacred Feminine. This is the second step of the meditation, where in this loving union the “I am” transforms yet again to become life longing to know itself. Life emerges as a Divine seed or sphere of awareness.

In the third step, the Divine seed is welcomed in love through every energy center of your body until it is ready to emerge from your energetic womb as an expression of life born anew in self-awareness. You are that expression of life and you are reborn as a new “I am” in the world. In this rebirth ragged edges of human existence are shed, like the snake shedding its skin, and you emerge fresh, alive, awake and in harmony with all of existence.

This Creation Meditation or process of conscious rebirthing can be done at anytime by anyone. Your own creativity and Divine relationship emerge in ways that are natural to you, as you open to witnessing yourself in whatever state you are experiencing in the moment—joy, sorrow, jealousy, happiness, rage—any state of human experience. These feelings are expressions of your truth in the moment. The feelings come with stories that deserve to be acknowledged and honored. Once witnessed, they are set free to experience life in a more limitless way.

The ultimate rebirthing is the result of honestly acknowledging yourself in the reality you are experiencing. The rebirth comes when you know, not from your mind, but from the well of your being, that you are free to experience life as the Divine love that you are and in the way that your soul longs to experience life on earth. The effort that is required is in the diligence to remain present to what you are experiencing without judgment or assumptions.

Here at New Dream, we share this Creation Meditation freely with others. You can find an audio introduction to the first step on our Sacred Path of the Feminine Page, and you can find the entire meditation in written form at the New Dream Forums.

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