The following is a story written by a friend of mine who shared this with me when she heard I was writing a book about self-healing. Her experience is powerful testimony to the importance of self-involvement in one’s healing process. Too often we go to healers and doctors for help, only to give away our healing power to them. This is one of the most significant reasons many of us, hard as we try, are not healing.

Discover how my friend, Judy Neiman, claims her power, her healing, and freedom from pain. Here is her story in her own words.

I had quite an intense time for a few years where I thought I had fibromyalgia and was in chronic pain. I went to a physical therapist, an orthopedic surgeon, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and an osteopath. It was exhausting and it seemed everything I did made it worse.

I really didn’t know if I could take the constant pain and didn’t want painkillers.

Then, my whole life changed.

Something arrived in the mail about Taketina — a spiritual, shamanic rhythm movement group. There was going to be a training for teachers of Taketina. I was spending every day just lying on the couch and couldn’t imagine driving the many hours from where I was living in Washington state to get to Still Meadow in Estacada, Oregon.

But, something deep inside said that I had to go to this. My inner voice wouldn’t let me be. I knew then that this was a matter of life or death for me. I also knew that the pain was related to a grieving process I was stuck in. So I did the unthinkable, given my state of physical despair — I drove to Estacada and explained that I just wanted to be present, to hear the music and watch the Taketina class. I was given permission to just watch. The music started and I thought I would try to stand and join in a little.

A miracle happened. I was able to join the group for three hours that first day in the morning. Then after lunch I joined for another three hours. I fully participated. I couldn’t believe my body could do this. I was still in pain but didn’t feel worse.

On Day Two, I did the same — three hours in the morning, three in the afternoon. The third day I woke up and for the first time in two years I was pain-free. I was ecstatic. I went to the class, same as the previous two days. I finished out the five days — the whole week, not having to be a mere observer, but fully participating.

It was amazing. After this, I knew that I had made the decision to live and I felt that I had Divine presence and guidance to help me do this. So I spent a year on Tuesday evenings attending Taketina sessions with a teacher of this practice.

Taketina wasn’t called ‘healing’. It brought me to a place where I was whole and healed. Taketina is based on the theory that out of chaos — disorganization — the body wants to reorder itself. My pain, in part, was due to memory of the original disorder, and I couldn’t get rid of the pain memory in my cells. I think that Taketina, through the movement, chanting and organization actually broke up the pain memories — brought me into chaos, then reorganized me — my cells reorganizing themselves.

I think that for me healing had to do with not feeling helpless, which I felt when I was around the orthopedic surgeon who wanted to do surgery. I always felt as if I was powerless, even with the massage therapist or the other people I mentioned I went to for help. I expected them to help me, to cure me, and when they didn’t I became morose.

You, Misa, once asked me why I didn’t allow myself to receive help. I have thought about this a lot. I realized that I thought that by asking for help, I was admitting that I couldn’t do it — and that was as debilitating as the actual physical cause of my problems.

Dear Readers, Judy sums it up so well. For true healing to occur, you become your own healer first, then the healing assistance of others will actually help you fulfill your journey.

In summary, Judy imparts these lessons:

1) To truly heal you must discover, listen to and follow your inner guidance.
2) You must choose to live – fully and completely.
3) Sometimes healing happens in places and ways you least expect it.

I hope this wonderful story has inspired you in your healing journey. If it has, please leave a comment so that your own thoughts and story will inspire other people. Remember, if I receive enough comments, I will know such stories are meaningful to you and will post more case studies for you to experience.

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