psychic-abilities-sacred-feminine-consciousness-flipped@300wDon’t wait another minute to develop these Sacred Feminine gifts—your intuition and psychic abilities (and, yes, we all have them):

1. If you don’t tend to your psychic abilities and use them, they can back-log inside you, creating pressure in the body that can lead to illness.

I’ve shared this story before, and it bears repeating. My friend Ariann was having terrible migraine headaches that seemed to have no relationship to hormones, diet or stress. She suspected she might be picking up on volcanic activity on the planet with her deeply empathic connection to the earth. She didn’t tell me that, and when I did some healing work for her, I told her I was seeing volcanoes exploding inside her.

Understanding that healing energy for the planet was backing up inside her, she put her own psychic abilities to work and found relief from her tormenting headaches. I’ve always remembered this—There can be a price for not recognizing and following intuitive guidance. Since then, I’ve diligently worked to recognize and develop my natural psychic abilities.

You have a more difficult time manifesting what you want, because you are less connected to your psychic abilities and intuition–your sources of inspiration.

Tashene (interviewed as part of my Women of Power and Spirit series) could see spirits when she was a child, but when she told her family, they told her she was lying. As a result she cut-off her natural psychic abilities as a medium, and began living a “normal” life until she was diagnosed with cancer and told she only had 3 months to live. In retrospect, she realizes that while she was disconnected from her gifts, she made choices that contributed to her illness.

A near-death experience helped her reconnect to her Divine guidance, and that powerful connection helped her find her necessary steps to heal her “incurable”cancer. That same guidance led her to the rewarding work of now teaching Levels of Integrated Conscious Enlightenment.

As you can see, it is well worth it to recognize and develop your natural psychic abilities. But how do you do it?

Here are 3 ways you can simply and easily develop your natural psychic abilities and intuition right now.