by Reverend Misa

Great Mystery,

There is a greater wisdom I long to know.
In the cycles of life, I see the commitment of the sun shining,
trees continuing to grow, snow falling.
I also see commitment in the cycle of death when plants
and animals leave the earth.
I see the planet bringing forth new life and shedding what
is no longer needed.
As I make commitments in my life, help me see the cycle
of life and death within my own choices.
Help me see the wise choices so that I allow the new to become born—
so that I do not wait too long to release what is not needed nor too quickly shed.
Help me recognize commitments I can truly keep that allow
me to be in rhythm with the natural cycle and fulfill my unique purpose.
Within the cycle of life and death, I find myself—the one waiting to be born—the one waiting to let go.