by Reverend Misa Hopkins

Ah Mystery of life
As I awaken to this time of great unfolding
This unveiling of myself
May I see the beauty you have always seen in me
May I know the wonder of you in everything I see

Let fear become my chance to transcend my self-perceived limits
And every prayer an opportunity to create life renewed
Peace and hope are the gifts I bring to those who are troubled for
I offer my sacred self as soothing balm to an aching world
I do not look for fulfillment outside myself,
But rather from the well of my own being
Where you wait for me to drink from the sweet nectar
That will set me free for all eternity

Ah Mystery of life
My senses quiver at your touch as you fill and fulfill me
In a pulse that is timeless and endless
Lift me up in ecstasy
So that I may widen the pathway to life without suffering
Not only for myself, but for all
That in the light of our evolution, earth may fulfill her destiny
As a safe, enduring, loving mother of the world to be