Have you ever thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t go so far out on a limb. Maybe people will be turned off by what I think and what I have to offer. Maybe my purpose is my own journey and doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else.”

Have you ever listened as your self talk convinced yourself to play it safe, when deep, deep down inside you just wanted to be authentically you doing your true life’s work?

A dear friend and client recently came to me torn between doing the same old coaching work she has always done, playing it very corporate and very safe, or going out on a limb to do the kind of coaching she really wants to do with passion and fresh perspectives. She figured she might lose some of her clients if she showed up with more of her edgier approaches, which include a dash of spiritual view-point.

I suggested she might actually attract more clients. In fact, she might even attract clients she would enjoy more—clients with whom she might make a greater impact. She could see the truth in what I was suggesting, but the fear of rejection was still looming.

“Listen,” I finally said, “you aren’t here on earth to help everyone. You are here to serve those who want to be served by someone who sees life the way you do. And there are plenty of people out there who want to do business from their own spiritual integrity. They are the ones who will appreciate you. The rest will simply need to find another coach.”

I know this fear so well. Being authentic is challenging work. I don’t know anyone who is fond of rejection, and yet the more we define our true voice in the world, the more likely it will be that someone isn’t going to like our point of view.

The biggest benefit in staying true to our authentic view of the world in our service to others is that we meet people and help people who are on the same wave-length with us. That makes life a heck of lot more fun, satisfying and fulfilling.

When it comes to our life purpose, playing it safe, is more like playing it stuck. Playing with honesty and passion, true to ourselves—now that’s a way to enjoy our purpose.