by Reverend Misa

Here I stand amidst the overwhelming possibilities of life—
So many possibilities and I don’t know what is most important.
I don’t know which direction to go.
I’m not sure what to choose.
Perhaps, Divine Spirit, you would help me out.
Overwhelm me in your love.  I want to feel your love deep in my bones.
Overwhelm me in clarity of mind, so that I can see my most direct path.
Overwhelm me in peace, because I choose to live harmony with all that is created.
Overwhelm me in your comfort.  I have had enough of pain.
Overwhelm me in compassion.  I want to feel the serenity of knowing I and others have done our best.
Overwhelm me in hope, because I am seeing too much despair.
Overwhelm me in beauty, so that my faith can be restored.
In you I find all that I need, so overwhelm me in your love.