Have you ever had one of those days when the whole world seemed to be piling in on you? You look at your to-do list and decide life would be easier to-do-not. I have noticed when these kind of moments occur, I’m usually feeling crowded out. So instead of getting anything done, I often go on strike. If I’m feeling particularly feisty, I push myself into forging on ahead, which gets some work done, but the quality of work in those instances is rarely very good.

It took me a while to figure out the feeling of being crowded out is significant and needs to be addressed before any really good work is going to come out of me.

When I start feeling overwhelmed, it is a good indicator I need a break. I don’t need to run away from the stockpile I have created, I just need to refresh and rejuvenate myself. I need some healthy stimulation, like some exercise, a walk outdoors, a few minutes with a good book, to sing a long with a couple of favorite songs, or sit down and meditate for a bit. I need to make sure I take care of me first before I continue taking care of the rest of the world.

Sure, bringing my purpose into fruition, attending to my career, cleaning the house, buying groceries, washing the car….all that stuff ultimately takes care of me. And every now and then my soul needs to be fed along with my mind, emotions and physical body. I just need to nurture my passion for life. That’s when it is time for a little soul food.

Once adequately nourished, all systems are go and the strike is over. I have no need to push or shove myself into working either. My energy level is good and now I’m ready to take a look at what most needs my attention.