Our Mother

This prayer was lost to us for far too long.  It was offered by Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount at the same time he taught the  “Our Father” to the people gathered. Discovered in the Secret Archives of the Vatican and translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely in about 1928, this prayer is now available to us.  Part of the Essene Gospel of Peace, this incredible prayer shows us that indeed the sacred feminine nature of the Divine was known to Jesus, as it is to many of us today.

And after this manner (praying to your heavenly Father in the manner we know as the “Our Father”) pray to your Earthly Mother:  Our Mother which art upon earth, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us, as it is in thee.  As thou sendest every day thy angels, send them to us also.  Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee. And lead us not into sickness, but deliver us from all evil, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen.