pantherEvery year at Quest we witness and hear the stories about profound experiences that people have with animals and animal communication. Something magical and mystical, or more precisely–normal, happens when we step away from our city lives and allow ourselves to connect deeply with Mother Earth and all her beings.

One year a butterfly flew into our sacred circle and landed on every person inside the circle, staying with some people for minutes at a time.

Another year, a hummingbird flew through the sacred circle just as we were honoring the spirit of the hummingbird in a prayer.

As one of our soon to be elders had finished her three-day quest and was in circle with her elder’s circle, a doe that had been around her questing area all three days, came up behind her and blessed her by snorting and scraping one of her hooves against the ground seven times, the number that had been set in the sacred circle.

I remember a time when skunk, which is a sacred animal to the Cherokee, came into our questing camp. The ceremonies we were doing were all Cherokee ceremonies. At night we sat at a camp fire and shared in talking circle, passing the talking stick in a clockwise motion.

At sacred fire a ways down a path along a creek, our ceremonies were done in counter-clockwise motion. Our friendly skunk walked around the campfire circle clockwise, then followed the creek and path to the sacred fire circle, where it walked around the circle in a counter clockwise motion.

One year our head of security watched as a mother cougar layed on the ground with her cubs playing around her. One arm was draped over the edge of a cliff. Below the cliff in a cage a quester was there in prayer. “It was sacred,” he explained “as though the mother was watching after her cubs and the quester.”

When we are in sync with nature, the Cherokee call this “The Natural.” It is a the natural way of living and being–to live in harmony with all living things.

Animals exist with us and communicate with us in many ways, if we allow ourselves to become still enough to notice, and if we live in a sacred way–in the realization that communication with them is natural. Animal communication is an experience within “The Natural” and in keeping with our ability to connect with all living things in meaningful relationship. We treat animal communication as though it is a mystical event, but it truth, it is how we were meant to relate.

Together, humans and animals are creating what it means to live here on planet earth.

Recently, I ran across this video that demonstrates the power and beauty of this sacred relationship. Enjoy! And may it inspire you to experience mystical nature of “The Natural” in your life through animal communication .

The Animal Communicator

Holding you in my heart and songs,

Reverend Misa