by Reverend Misa

Spirit, sometimes I am so busy looking for the spectacular mystical events I forget to notice the small ones–being some place at just the right time, meeting the perfect person, being helped or being available to help at the greatest time of need, being there for a child’s first steps, finding just the right gift, getting through the traffic in time for a child’s play or concert, noticing the tree that did not fall on the house during the storm……………….and all the fascinating, mystical events that happen every day.

butterflies-177291_640With each mystical experience, I rest into an awareness that I am definitely not alone, I live in concert with rhythms and harmonies of relationship beyond my every day consciousness, and each relationship has so much to offer–so much to teach me about a Divine reality I am just barely perceiving.  It seems every mystical experience, from the most profound to the smallest, teaches me I am part of a greater family than I had realized.