By: Crystal Collin, Water Keeper 

I was introduced to the Holding Meditation by a dear friend, Carla, who I later discovered is an initiated Keeper of the Water Ceremony. At the time I was facing the passing of my mother, the loss of a significant relationship and I was in the middle of recovering from a life changing brain injury. I was in the lowest place of my life, suffering from severe depression.  

The Holding Meditation provided me with a reliable, nurturing, compassionate tool and structure to open up to difficult emotional states and triggering thoughts that caused suffering. It provides a safe, loving container for me to experience difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions and then assists me in becoming free from the suffering.  

I have learned many life-changing things from my Holding practice, including how our emotions are not our enemy, rather they are our best guide to healing and inner peace. The Holding Meditation taught me that there is room within all of us to hold all of our emotions and not be overtaken by them.

I invite you to learn more about my Miracle with the Holding Meditation and what it means to me through this quick “homemade” video:

My Miracle with the Holding Meditation