by Reverend Misa

I greet the day in all its splendor Mysterious One.
I give thanks for all the beings with whom I share life.
I sing to the sun a song of honor for its life-giving warmth.
My feet pad against soft wet grass, the sole of my feet tickled, in turn tickling the soul of my being.
I listen to the gentle nudgings of the wind, the morning songs of the winged ones, the barking of the squirrels, and the seemingly silent caress of the fish gliding its body against the flowing stream.
ladybug-574971_640Patiently, I listen to the sound of tranquility.
Grateful for the sumptuous, delightful sounds of the morningโ€™s song, I open my heart.
Its rhythmic pulse carries me into an endless wave of loving awareness.
The wave overflows beyond the limits of my being, as the sounds of loved ones fill my ears, and my heart speaks on behalf of their well-being.
In this moment, I choose to exist in harmony with all that is.
I choose to listen to the many ways the Mysterious One speaks to me.
I choose to keep my attention on the beauty that is everywhere
and my awareness ever open to the songs within all things.