by Reverend Misa

Mysterious One,

Today I choose to practice laughing.  If it is appropriate to laugh, I am going to do so. I am going to take time to read some jokes and then share them with friends.  If there is something funny I could say, I am going to say it.  If people think my laughing is strange, then I will invite them to laugh with me.  I commit to laughing more in my life.  I have noticed people who are happy laugh a lot.  Today, I’m going to join them.

faces-767351_640I’m rolling on the floor, holding my stomach because I am laughing so hard.  Someone sent me a list of answers children gave to questions in their Sunday school class.  Their answers are absolutely precious. The naivety and innocence of the children make their answers priceless and truly amusing to me.  There seems to be more Divine presence in the responses that tickle me so, than in the correct and more serious answers. What a delightful reminder about the magical power of innocence—the joy in Divine expression.