by Reverend Misa

Dear Mystery,

Today I quiet myself for a moment to reflect on those that I love and care about who are suffering.

I fill my heart with love for all the blessings in my life. I fill my heart full of gratitude and profound love.

I watch as the circle of my love stretches beyond the limits of my body. I am a sphere of Divine love and understanding.

balloon-1046692_640In this place of pure heart, I open my arms to those I love. One at a time, I welcome in each person that chooses to enter my sphere.

Out of respect for their unique journey with You, I do not attempt to fix them or make them better. I simply love them as they are.

I watch them go with a smile on my lips, knowing I have loved them in a Divine way, and that is all I need to do. I trust that my love is enough.

The rest is between them and you.