away-1356948_640by Amari Gold

As I walked in the woods this morning, like every morning with Krista (my dog), I looked up into the canopy of trees soaring well above my head and noticed their majestic arms outstretched reaching for the sky.  What I saw was their love and gratitude, arms offering great love and devotion to the sun and the wind and the rain.

I became aware, then, of their deep roots reaching into Earth Mother, offering the same exchange of love and gratitude.  Here they stand, these giant beings, positioned so gracefully and honorably between heaven and earth.  It was clear to me that they belonged here.  That the energy and heart of each tree pulses in unison with all that is … the oneness … the elements …. the universe.  They are known.  They are supported here.  And they give thanks.

root-276636_640As I stood in witness to this beautiful relationship, I reached my arms up to the sky and felt my feet firmly planted in the soil, and I gave love and gratitude to the sun and the wind and the rain.  I realized then that I was just like a tree, intentionally occupying a position between heaven and earth.  I began to see that it is for me, and for the trees, that the sun and the wind and the rain exist.  All of creation supports me here, and supports the forests, and all beings.   And I gave thanks.

Immediately I was filled with the awareness that this was required of me, and of the trees, in exchange for this gift of support.  It is necessary to return something to the universe in order to maintain balance, equity, and flow within it.  I saw with great clarity, that the simple act of gratitude maintains the blessings of all of life.  All that each of us must do is to be grateful, genuinely grateful, for this extraordinary journey of life within a universe that supports us in every way.  Our gratitude provides the fuel, the energy, that allows our planet and our universe to continue to flow in balance and health.

conifer-1174413_640I am in awe of the magnitude of this simple fact.  The sun shines, and we give thanks to the sun.  The sun will continue to shine in balance.  Rain comes, and we give thanks to the rain. The rains will continue to come in balance.  The trees grow, and we give thanks to the the trees.  The trees will continue to grow in balance.

Our ancestors knew this.  That is why song and ceremony were such essential aspects of each day.  That is why our beloved Reverend Misa sings to the dawn every morning.

What we have begun to experience is what happens to our world when we don’t feel and express our gratitude.

I wonder how many people are willing to be like a tree, or how many of us it will take to return balance to our world.