July 17th-23rd

We would be delighted if you would like to join us at SpiritQuest, bringing your love and ability to hold life without judging it. Just imagine yourself standing before the sacred fire, offering the fire a pinch of tobacco with your prayer for the world, someone you love or you.

Provided we get some rain in Left Hand Canyon in Colorado prior to quest, we will have a sacred fire burning 24 hours per day. If we can’t have a physical fire, we tend a virtual one. (We have needed to do this during a fire ban in a previous year and could literally smell the smoke from the etheric fire.)

If you like, you can burn a candle during the hours you are at home and awake. Light it with an intention to merge with the sacred fire at quest. Perhaps you would like to meditate with your candle, in the same way we meditate with the fire when it is our turn to tend it. We pay attention to the wisdom of the wind and the gifts of Mother Earth’s children.

The sacred fire, like the sacred fire in the council house of a Cherokee village, is the center and heart-beat of our community during the entire week. Whether we are questing or supporting, the fire is the source of our strength and inner peace—a living reminder of the light of the Divine within each of us.

When we are challenged by something, we go to the sacred fire to gain inner tranquility and clarity. We choose not to gossip or complain about things, but rather find someone to talk to that can help us see our lesson and what we need to do to be in harmony with ourselves and others. Many of those talks take place at the sacred fire.

Nine tenants of the Cherokee people, shared with me by my elder, guide us throughout the week, to live in the noblest way with Spirit, the earth and each other. Perhaps one of these will speak to you as a focal point for meditation during the week.

1. Speak only words of truth.
2. Speak only of the good qualities of others.
3. Be a confidant and carry no tales.
4. Turn aside the veil of anger, to release the beauty inherent in all.
5. Waste not the bounty and want not.
6. Honor the light in all. Compare nothing. See all for its suchness.
7. Respect all life. Cut away ignorance from one’s own life.
8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of angry nature, which destroys peace like an arrow.
9. Do it now. If you see what needs doing, do it (in a good way). Remember, if you think you are the only one or the one that is always right, wake up.

We will be living consciously with the Mother Earth all week. Consider taking a walk each day close to the mother, and breathing in the goodness of the earth. Notice the trees, flowers, grass, and animals. Remember to give thanks for them.

In fact, for a schedule of what is happening throughout the week, visit: http://www.newdreamfoundation.com/camp-information.htm

We will also be blessing the water during a special ceremony on Thursday night. You can join us by blessing a bowl of water at home and when you have finished giving your thanks and gratitude for the water, share it with your loved ones, pets or plants. Or even take it to a body of water near you, sharing the blessed water with the waters of your homeland.

It is our practice at quest to laugh often, love deeply, live in gratitude, walk in harmony with mother earth and all her children, and pray with full hearts. We hold space for each other, knowing that each person in camp is doing their best. This is a good way to live life, in general. Perhaps you would like to bring focus to this practice in your life during the week.

As we hold the earth and each other in compassion and love, we also hold the world with that same love. We’ll be holding you too. So as you share this week with us in Spirit, I hope you will find a moment to hold us in your heart, humanity and our precious planet.

Reverend Ariann tells us the prayers from SpiritQuest reach deeply into creation. We would be honored if your prayers joined with ours in a sacred union of love for all of life.

We are deeply grateful for your meditations and prayers for rain in Left Hand Canyon, Colorado, where quest will be taking place, and where forest fires have been burning.