In all the counseling I have done, frequently my client finally confesses they have no idea what the next step needs to be? Here they are dilligently working on fulfilling their purpose as they know it, and they come to a place where they are stuck. Ever happen to you?

It happens to all of us. Sometimes if I ask a few well-considered questions, my client pops out of the fog and realizes exactly what he or she needs to do. There are other times where questions just are prying any significant awareness loose. In those moments, I often suggest that perhaps the next step is coming from someone else.

Have yo ever had that experience? You’ve put in hours and hours of brain power, but you just can’t quite figure out what you need to do to get from A to C. You are having lunch with a friend and neither of you is focusing on business necessarily, and out of your freind’s mouth comes a suggestion that makes you stare, then blink, then smile and finally say, “That’s it. That is what I need to do next!”

As an organizational consultant, I knew when the group was stuck, one of the best things to do was to take a break–take a break from trying to figure out the answer. When we let go and clear our minds, we are like an blank movie screen. At any moment something could flash on the screen and the scene rolls on from there.

Ideas come from everywhere–friends, competitors, magazines, entertainment, research, novels…….all we really have to do is quiet our minds and welcome the surprise answer!