I was just going about my day, when a little voice in the back of my head said, “Turn on the television.”

“What?” I argued with myself. “I don’t watch TV during the day. Sure, at night when I’m winding down my day, but daytime hours are for being productive.”

Regardless of my logical argument, the little voice persisted, so I turned on the television to a math program, and I was compelled to leave it on that particular show. What made this peculiar is that I’m no math whiz, and a math program is the last thing I would be interested in watching. Yet, there I was glued to the TV watching an instructor teaching his students about math.

I don’t remember what kind of math they were doing, but there was a moment on that show that influenced my perspective about intuition and its influence remains with me still.

The instructor asked his students to estimate their answer to a specific mathematical question. He explained that their responses were intuitive and then described intuition as facts that are not yet proven.

“Now,” he said, “we will prove your intuitive knowledge.” Then they set their minds to the mathematical principles that would lead them to a demonstrable solution.

There I was intuitively drawn to watch a program I would not generally elect to watch, receiving a life-changing insight about intuition—a topic I was exploring in my life at the time. The program itself was my verifiable proof that intuition was working quite effectively in me that day.

That seems to be the way it is with intuition. You don’t get your proof up front. You get it on the back end, after you have acknowledged the intuitive insight you have received.

And in some cases, you don’t get confirmation at all. If you are going to utilize intuitive wisdom, you have to trust that you made the right choice based upon your gut feelings and inclination in the moment. These two factors—getting your proof on the back end or getting no proof at all—may be the most significant reasons many of us find it difficult to trust our intuition, even when we know we are receiving intuitive insight.

When you do get confirmation that your intuitive hunch was on target, it instills a great sense of confidence in this little understood human ability. When you get verification regularly, it can strengthen your resolve to use and trust your intuitive insights as a matter of course.

The key lies in acknowledging and following the intuitive guidance when you experience it. You can argue with yourself like I did or you can get right to it and create an opportunity for the gift of intuition to lead you to some yet-to-be-discovered facts.

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