Continuing reflections on the power of intuition.

Have you ever felt just plain stuck about a decision you needed to make? You are looking at all the options and feeling more and more overwhelmed by the minute.

Maybe you are looking at options for your healing and can’t quite figure out the approach that will be best for you. Perhaps are you multi-talented and needing to choose your best career path, while also considering how to better support yourself in this economy. Or you have some expendable income and are trying to choose from a variety of tempting opportunities that could help you 1) make more money, 2) heal your body or 3) attract the ideal partner.

It can be mind-boggling to sort through all the pros and cons of any given option. Furthermore, given the data available for any given option, it is pretty easy to develop a decent case argument for or against any of those options depending upon your mood. (This is something first year debate students learn.)

Let’s say you are person trying to decide between three different programs that could all impact your life in dramatic ways. You need to make more money. You desperately need to heal and you’ve been looking for your ideal partner for years. They all feel like priorities. Furthermore, finding solutions to any one area of your life could positively affect all areas of your life, but you just can’t figure out which one should take precedence right now.

Then someone offers a very persuasive argument that makes complete sense to you, and since you don’t know what is best for you, you lean toward their argument. A part of you wonders if this is the prime choice, when yet another person makes a case for a different option. Now you feel like you have whiplash and you are more confused than you were in the first place. So how do you make a decision?

Intuition right? A good intuitive insight will allow you to cut through the arguments going on in your head and make a choice that you know is perfect for you. So, how do you recognize your intuitive guidance amidst all the chatter in your head? Particularly, if you are feeling a bit desperate, it is really difficult to quiet yourself down enough to know when intuitive guidance is coming through.

You know the intuitive knowledge is inside you, but it’s just darned fuzzy, and you are feeling pressured to make a decision, so you lean on what you know and make the best logical decision you can without the aid of your intuition.

Sound familiar? Most of us have been there. I certainly have. It took me years of practice to:

1) recognize how my intuition operates in me

2) trust the wisdom of my intuition and

3) act on my intuitive guidance consistently.

Intuition is different for everyone. Some people sense, some hear a little voice. Many get physical or emotional feelings about choices that are or are not best for them. Some people get intuitive guidance from their dreams. Still others have visions or see a path with choices that don’t or do fit. For some, there is light that accompanies certain options. Many choose to use some form of divination tool, such as a pendulum or cards to help get clarity.

One of the ways you can begin recognizing your intuition is to reflect upon a time in the past when you are quite certain you received intuitive guidance. Ask yourself how that information came to you. Did you feel it, dream about it, have a physical reaction, know what was coming, or hear what was important?

Intuition is how the Divine speaks through you, so getting to know how that happens is going to make your decision making process much easier. But do be patient. If you are not used to using your intuition, the process is going to take time and practice. As you become more proficient, making choices really will seem like an opportunities, as you know with confidence the best options for you.

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