Are you looking for your purpose for being? Are you hungry to know why you are here at this time of great change on the planet? Do you feel as though regardless of what you do, it may or may not make a big enough difference anyway? Do you ever feel as though humanity is in a downward spiral, so why get all invested in fulfilling a purpose?

Do you tell yourself, I’m here to love, and then leave it at that?

I’ve been privileged to support people in their vision or song quests for 15 years. I’ve also been providing Life Path readings to people looking for answers for the same amount of time. And I’ve made some discoveries.

We are all here to love, and each of us has a unique way in which we long to know and express that love. That longing is the impetus for the emergence of our purposes.

Most of us feel a bit daunted by the amount of greed, lies and abuses we experience on this planet. Many of us are disappointed that humanity, including ourselves, is not further along in the development of its collective consciousness.

Yet, if you have taken the time to read this article, you care deeply about yourself, humanity and the planet. A significant part of you wants to hope.

Now, here is something else I have learned. Hope springs from your willingness to share your gifts and talents, regardless of what is happening around you. Your purpose emerges naturally in the expression of your most profound gifts. Recognize and apply your talents in a dedicated and committed manner (especially when things get tough), and you become hope for yourself and those around you.

Another way in which you can better know and understand your purpose is to give yourself permission to eliminate the distractions in your life and really listen to Spirit, in whatever way you know Spirit.

This is why people decide to do vision quests or song quests. They are choosing to enter into the silence in order to witness themselves within the web of the Divine, and discover their place within it. Choosing to quest is a significant commitment to becoming hope in the world.

In the form of quest that I offer, people that are not questing but want to support are invited to join together to hold space for those that are questing. In holding space for another, you become the very essence of the Sacred Feminine, for it is the nature of the Sacred Feminine that lovingly holds “what is” in the still space of love.

As the community holds this space together, we experience ourselves as a microcosm of the macrocosm. In our loving arms, our collective consciousness is repairing our wounds from the past and embracing the precious nature of our gifts and our very existence.

As community, we agree to become a sacred vessel, through which we heal ourselves, and remember our nature as a joyful vibration of loving family. In becoming a true loving microcosm of humanity, we affect all of humanity. If our consciousness as humanity has any hope of significant evolution, it will certainly take place as each individual evolves, but it is catapulted when communities evolve.

Quest creates a balance between the individual quest for personal purpose and the community’s quest for collective purpose. Both are equally important in conscious awakening. What we have discovered at our quests is that abuses from our families of origin heal. Because we feel more whole, we awaken to a greater sense of our purpose and our desire to share our gifts and our hope with those that cross our paths. For more information about SpiritQuest, visit:

It is true that each person’s purpose is to love. I believe the greater question is this: How will I serve humanity and the planet with the love that I am?