Many years ago an elder and teacher of Sacred Feminine consciousness said to me, If we could only do one thing to change the world, blessing the water touches everything.”

We exist as we do because there is water. Bless one drop of water and you affect the entire eco system. Bless many drops of water, many times a day and you create a ripple in the fabric of creation. With many people blessing many drops of water, many times a day, you are changing consciousness.
Bless the water in your body and you invite the body to heal. Bless the water in the clouds and you call rain to places where there is drought. Bless the snow and ask it to fall and you save our forests, which saves many species of plants and animals, not to mention providing us with enough water for our homes. Everything is connected through water.

When you bless the water, you also bless emotions.

When you bless the water, you also bless the fluid nature of our emotions. You bring calm to stormy feelings. Your blessing helps you awaken to a greater peace with the ebb and flow of life.

The very fabric of creation has a watery nature, a kind of fluid rhythm that sustains life.

Dr. Emoto has shown us that our blessings of gratitude and love make a real difference in the crystalline structure of water. Our loving blessings heal. With all the polluted water in the world, we need a lot of love and healing, don’t we?

Blessing the water in ceremony brings our collective intentions together for greater power.

If you enjoy ceremonies in the Sacred Feminine, or think you might, this monthly tele-ceremony for women, centered around blessing the water of the earth might be appealing to you. You can sign up for monthly reminders.

Plus, we share an an ancient Holding meditation for blessing your life and the world,  as it takes you into the fluid realm of intuition, dreamtime, and emotions to recreate your life:

Make blessing the water, a conscious, daily act of love and healing.

As you get ready to take a drink of water today, take a shower, or wash the dishes, consider blessing the water as you do so. And when the day is over, consider blessing the water.

Then, as your heart becomes full with all of the blessings you are offering, consider making it part of your daily practice every day—to bless the water in whatever form or for whatever reason you are experiencing it.  And know that in doing so,  you are blessing and changing yourself and healing the world.