Some years ago, I discovered how to focus my energy to create the means to do what I need or want to do. I actually discovered this way of focusing energy when I was quite young, but didn’t realize what I knew. It wasn’t until the death of a friend, that I understood how often I let opportunities slip by, simply because I was saying to myself, “If it is meant to be the money will come.”

When I decided I wanted to go to a four year college to get my degree in education, I had no more than a few hundred dollars in the bank. My father and mother were raising six children on a meager income, so they weren’t going to be able to put me through college. If I had made my decision about college based upon the dollars available, I would have given up and taken a job doing anything to just create some income.

But I knew I needed to become a teacher. I wanted it with every bone in my body. So I began talking to the college counselors at the community college I was attending. I had been working enough to pay for my room and board and my community college classes, and assumed if I could get myself through my first two years, there must be a scholarship or grant available to help me complete my education.

I was right. And by the next year, I was enrolled in an education program in a university in my home state. Because I received a unique grant that reduced my loan every year that I taught special needs children in low income areas, within only five years after receiving my degree, I was in the fortunate position of having no loan payments to repay.

Fast forward about 25 years. An elder I had met had been sending me psychic messages to visit him. I liked this elder very much and respected him greatly. I could sense there was an opportunity for me to receive some good mentorship from him. I told myself if it was meant to be the money would come. The money never came and I assumed that meant it was never meant to be.

If I had taken this approach when I was ready to go to college, I would have never gotten there. A few years ago, this wonderful man was on his deathbed, and finally I made the decision to go see him. Although I could have argued I didn’t have the money to spend, I went anyway, but he died before I arrived.

I was thinking about this some weeks later and realized I was much wiser when I was younger. Instead of giving my desire to the Divine as though it didn’t matter one way or another, the creation magic works much better when I have told the Divine I am willing to fulfill my purpose and I am choosing to engage in this decision in order to do it. Then, by telling the Divine what I need and when I need it, the Divine flows through me in creative and attractive ways that get me to my goal.

Remembering this lesson, I receive an invitation to what was for me a very expensive weekend conference. I knew I needed to attend. Instead of withdrawing completely or telling the Divine and myself, the money would be there if it was meant to be, I said a different prayer. I told Spirit I wanted to attend and was open to the creative inspiration that would help me get there. I then sat down to my computer and requested a scholarship, along with an offer to share my sound medicine with the conference coordinator. She accepted my offer and I attended the conference in trade.

“If it was meant to be, the money will come?” in my experience sends a wishy/washy intention to the Divine and the Universe that has not gotten me very good results. However, if I know I have been led to something and I feel in my bones I need the experience I’m being drawn to, I am now more inclined to say, “This is meant to be, show me how to make it happen.”