The sun is nestling in behind the hills leaving an amazing golden glow all around our home. Even the air itself seems to be golden. My husband and I stopped working in order to step outside and bathe in this unique after glow. The sacred fire of the sun has called us to what is truly important—being in the beauty of the moment.

As I drank in the golden air, it was not lost on me that this gorgeous light cast itself around us just as I sat down to write a Message from the Sacred Fire. Standing there in its wonder, I reflected on how often I take the sun for granted and offered a prayer of gratitude for its special blessing this evening.

Sitting down once again to write, I can’t help but wonder—if I bless the sun, where does this blessing go? How far is its reach? If I recognize and bless its nature as sacred, and its nature lives in and touches all of life on Mother Earth, what else will be blessed? If I can touch the sun with my heart and words, what difference might I make throughout the world?

I believe our true reach extends beyond our physical bodies in a realm of Divine awareness. The mystic within me wants to know how deep my love can go and how far it can truly reach.

In just a few days, we will be coming together for our monthly New Moon Fire Tele-ceremony for men and women. During fire ceremony we step into the sacred nature of fire, honoring its nature as we hold ourselves and others in its healing caress.

Then only a couple of weeks later, we gather together for our Solstice Tele-ceremony which we lovingly call The Kiss. In this ancient and beautiful ceremony, we become one in our hearts with the sacred fire of the sun and gently kiss the planet awake with our compassion and gratitude for the sacred fire that burns within all humans.

If you have been on one of these Tele-ceremonies, you know how exquisitely the sacred fire nourishes and expands as our Divine natures join together. If you have not yet been to one of these ceremonies, I welcome your sacred spirit to join with ours as we bless each other and the sacred fire that lives within all of creation.