by Reverend Misa

Knowing when the advice we are receiving is the right advice can be very challenging. I find I have two reactions. Often my first reaction is absolute rebellion. All my reasons and excuses come to the forefront of my mind. That is a great indicator that the advice I am receiving is probably the advice I need. The rebellion is the manifestation of the resistance I’ve been holding on to all along, and resistance is often based in fear not wisdom.

When I sit quietly with the advice, I usually feel thread of uncomfortable truth inside me. The advice makes me feel hopeful and excited about the possibility as well as darned scared or nervous.

When the advice is wrong it usually sounds really interesting and makes complete sense, but something about the advice bothers me. “It sounds good, but it doesn’t smell right,” a friend of mine used to say. Somehow it comes across as advice that would be really good for someone else, but not for me. Frequently, the advice seems like information that is really close to what I need to hear but not exactly it.

Because I had immediate resistance to what my husband was suggesting regarding my progress in life, I knew I needed to listen even more. This same scenario is coming up with clients of mine who are deep healing processes where they are finding nothing in conventional or alternative medicine is helping them.