I’ve really been looking at this question lately. Now that I know to turn off my critical mind, turning it toward positive thoughts that celebrate myself and others, I’ve wondered how to turn positive thoughts into positive action.

Seems simple doesn’t it? “Just do it!” comes to mind. And sometimes life is as simple as that popular slogan. But sometimes, I put my foot forward and find myself stuck in the mud instead of gracefully leaping forward. Do you know what I mean?

“What is going on?” I ask myself. I’m doing my positive affirmations every day. I’m anchoring in beliefs that further my success and yet the minute I get the ball rolling, I run into one obstacle after another. “Why?” I wonder.

So I get my courage up and ask someone who is likely to have the answer I don’t really want to hear, but need to hear. I ask my husband.

My husband is very honest. I have heard that is true about most spouses. Fortunately, my husband is sensitive enough to not beat me up with my own shortcomings. He has a beautiful way of encouraging me to step into my full potential.

Next time: His answer