Finding a way out had to be a conscious choice, or else I would have continued an old, nonconstructive pattern of blaming others. I began by consciously choosing to see my resentment and choosing to see how I created the scenario that in my mind justified my resentment. I then chose to abandon the drama (and the righteous high that comes with defending my ego with my need to be right).

The minute I saw how I created the entire scenario, my energy started freeing up. I chose to thank myself for getting the lesson and committed to take care of myself better next time around (and I did). I gave thanks for a husband who is so compassionate, and I thanked him in person. I then got a massage to let myself know I was sorry and to let my body and soul know I really do love it. “I’m sorry and I love you,” is powerful medicine.

As I look at some new ways to bring financial prosperity in my life and further my purpose, I find myself checking my resentment patterns now. Do I resent others who are prosperous? Do I resent people who I don’t think honor my work? Do I resent fees people charge? Do I resent policies of organizations I would like to do business with? The willingness to ask tough questions has brought some insightful answers about the reality I create.

Next time– Hard answers that are making a difference