Time for New Year’s Resolutions and one of mine is making regular entries on my site! I can’t believe how long it has been. But, I don’t believe in wasting energy on guilt–I’d rather just get to it. So………

One of my great lessons for this new year came from an incident that showed me how I block my own ability to create the reality I want. Here is what happened.

Recently, my husband and I were out snow-blowing and shoveling out our driveway after a pretty good storm. The snow was heavy, so I found I was getting tired and sore much sooner than usual. My back was aching and I was ready to quit when my husband asked me to shovel out the hot tub.

“Good idea,” I thought. “ A tub would feel really great.” Well I was nearly done when my husband opened the back door and commented on how long it had taken. I was pissed. I really didn’t expect him to leave me to finish the work.

Angrily, I scooped another shovel-full of snow and I threw my back out. I could have gotten even more pissed off, but I realized if I hadn’t been angry, I probably wouldn’t have hurt myself. It wasn’t really my husband’s fault. I hadn’t asked him to help me when he finished what he was doing, and I sure hadn’t stopped when my back started complaining.

I had created my own reality. And my resentful shoveling had induced an injury. As a result, I was not very productive for about a week. I realized loudly and clearly I had created my own obstacles to creating what I wanted.

As I begin this new year, I know three things about living my purpose: 1) I am responsible for taking care of me, 2) acting from resentment is a great way to hurt myself and ultimately doesn’t get me what I need, 3) it isn’t wise to assume others know what I need and want–ask for it.