by Amari Gold
My dear brothers and sisters, there are no words that can touch the depths of the sorrow that you may be experiencing and witness to. My mind and heart have come to the conclusion that there is no explanation or understanding of these events available within our limited perspective. This leads me to surrender to a greater knowing beyond the limits of my current consciousness. I am therefore committed to stand in service to the greater knowing, the higher perspective that emanates from that which has birthed all of the universe into being and maintains all life forms and consciousness in all domains.

Although we have heard for decades that our earth and its inhabitants would be undergoing a massive transformation, our limited consciousness could not anticipate or prepare for anything like what we are experiencing now. I invite you to rest your weary heart, place it in the cradle of the Divine Mother, relieve yourself as best you can and return to her what is hers to bear. Then pick yourself up again and stand in nature-670025_640recognition of the wisdom of the Master Goddess Creatress, and know that her children are safe and cared for despite what our eyes reveal to our limited sight. Ours is not to define the Divine Plan for all of creation, but to be in service to it. Honor the higher spirit of our brothers and sisters of the sea, and of our fellow humans. We are asked to stand together, to unify our hearts, to create a fortress of love that holds and honors the Divine Creatress as whole and holy, that she may be undergoing a purging so great that the dark recesses within humankind will be surrendered once and for all so that all life will be uplifted and all beings may be free from suffering in future days.

I ask you to find a light, and to stand in and with that light, so that you may become a light unto yourself and to others. I and others stand with you there. May Mother Gaia bless you and hold you, and may you be gifted with knowing the gratitude and love of all beings for whom you serve.