True Power—the Divine Feminine Way

In the early days of Women’s Liberation, we claimed our power by protesting, burning our bras, and by actively addressing the inequalities that women were experiencing at work, at home, and in government. We demanded that we be listened to. We demanded what we needed.

Given the amount of frustration and anger women were experiencing, it may have been the form of expression that was needed for change to occur.

But what does it mean today to claim our power?

The Sacred Feminine is an energy that can transform the world, but it is a powerfully subtle, and often misunderstood energy.

With respect to the choices that earlier generations felt they needed to make in order to ensure fairness and equality for women—claiming our power, within the spiritual context of the Sacred Feminine, is something that takes place prior to taking action in the world.

Because Sacred Feminine energy lovingly holds all of life in its suchness, holding our struggles before choosing to take action, gives us an opportunity to heal some of the emotional pain or trauma connected to our struggles.

When the pain and frustrations have softened, we are in a better position to then hold the pain and struggles of others. As the struggles dissolve, choices become clearer and right action is more likely to emerge.

Basically, we stop blaming ourselves or others. We stop judging ourselves and those that have wronged us. We stop condemning ourselves and others for our short-comings and short-sightedness.

By embracing our struggles in unconditional love, we set the stage for communicating compassionately with others, while simultaneously lovingly setting boundaries for our own self-care.

When the internal struggle within you is finally laid to rest, you are able to help others end their own internal struggles. In the field of compassion that you create through the limitless love of the Sacred Feminine, you have claimed the ultimate state of power through which new ideas, perspectives and solutions can arise.

As you expand your capacity to listen with patience, respect and compassion, you naturally deepen your ability to communicate to others with equal patience, respect and compassion.

It is possible to be very firm about what you need, while making choices that allow you to take care of yourself and those you are tending to, and without every breaking faith with your compassion.

Granted, this is a position of balance that typically needs to be developed, but in that poised state of compassion and clear action, you are truly in your power. You stand in an exquisite balance between the compassion embodied in Sacred Feminine Energy with the clear, right action of the Sacred Masculine.

The understanding and application of pure Sacred Feminine (yin) energy in spiritual practice and in our communication is still so new to us, that I created my Sacred Healing Emergence (SHE) Academy to help conscious women and men discover this powerful balanced energy within them.

In balance, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energy strengthen one another, and you flourish.