The third of four healing prescriptions from the Path of the Sacred Feminine.

Do you assume that what you desire is a luxury and not realistic? Have you had so many seeming failures in experiencing what you desire, that it seems like a meaningless part of life, let alone spiritual practice? Or do you ride the wave of your desires into a discovery of personal spiritual evolution?

Many of us have love-hate relationships with our desires. We can’t help but have them. And desires have a potency that just can’t easily be denied. Yet, if we have been hurt by an accumulation of unfulfilled desires, we can lose faith in trusting our desires as impetus for our spiritual fulfillment here on earth.

When we have an accumulation of unfulfilled desires it can point to the fact that we have been trying too hard with limits in our consciousness and methodologies that don’t truly support our fulfillment. We can also cloud our true desires by focusing on what we think we should want, rather than what we truly want. It is also possible to fulfill momentary and temporary desires, and in doing so, sacrifice the greater longing within us to know our limitless potential.

When desire emerges genuinely from surrender to the Divine, we find ourselves in direct alignment with Divine intent as it longs to express itself through us. Desire becomes more than, “This is what I want,” and is more akin to “This is who I am.” The momentum comes from the deepest truth of you, and you simply must live as who you are.

This is not about aspiring to be something you are not or reaching to attain a goal that is not a natural expression of your being. This kind of spiritual desire comes from the longing to express your authentic and true nature in an unfolding of fulfilling experiences. You are a unique expression of the Divine, getting to know yourself in human form with your experiences and personality.

Desire that emerge from surrender and the acceptance of the Divine is a powerful spark of light emerging from the womb of the Divine. Desire emerging from this depth of surrender is a true expression of the Divine. If you haven’t read the previous article here on the blog about surrender I suggest you read it, because the context of desire, as I have been sharing here, emerges from surrender and then acceptance.

I suggest giving yourself some time to really be with the question, “What do you want?” If you need to make a list, do so. If it all distills down into one or two words, that’s fine too. Most of all be very honest about what you want, and let me clarify this is very different from stating what you want other people to do or be so that you will feel fulfilled.

One of the places where we can become tripped up in regard to honoring and even recognizing our truest desires is in thinking that fulfillment comes through the choices of others. Their choices are about their fulfillment, and your choices are about your fulfillment. When you are clear about your desire, you want to support that desire.

Let’s say your core desire is to have peace in your home and in your life. If you choose to follow the impulse of your desire, it will lead you to choices you need to make that either fulfill that desire or not. Honoring the desire becomes less about what you want others to do and more about making your own choices that support your desire.

Fulfillment comes more quickly because you are honestly acknowledging your truest desire without attachment to any specific person, place, or belief. Now the Divine can truly work through you. Imagine how that affects your perceptions about success and failure? You are free to live fully, and measurements of achievement simply become irrelevant. When you are living from the truth of your being, whether what you desire is a luxury or not also become irrelevant, because you are living from a greater truth—the full expression of who you are, motivated by desire to be your full experience and expression in the world.

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