Today we honor the spirit of Sacred Father expressed through the fathers and fatherly men that have inspired our lives. We give thanks for the men who have loved us—who have chosen to provide for us, challenge us, protect us, encourage us, and help us in our journeys to become the full extent of our potential. We recognize the challenges, sacrifices, dedication and love that so many men have been willing to accept in order to support us in furthering our own dreams.

boy-373441_640We give thanks for the Divine Spirit of Father that has uplifted our hearts, whether that Spirit was known through our own fathers, grandfathers, or great grandfathers; whether they have been employers, employees, co-workers or friends;  whether they have been uncles, brothers, cousins or sons.

We forgive the fathers who experienced such tragedy and trials in their life that they were unable to live as their brightest flame, but who underneath their pain carried deep within their souls the powerful heart of father.

We celebrate the fathers who have faced momentous challenges, yet still found it within themselves to love us, encourage us and provide for us.

For every father who ever hoisted us up into his arms, carried us to bed and kissed our foreheads, who listened to us patiently as we rebelled against the world in discovery of ourselves, for every father who was proud of us, and for every father who inspired us, we give thanks.

Mysterious One, bless the men in our lives with health, happiness and wealth beyond what they might ask for themselves, because men so often make sacrifices so that their children will have what they need. Today, we are the hands and hearts of You giving back to our fathers and father-figures, acknowledging the Sacred Father within them.

Today, we give humble thanks. Because of the spirit of Sacred Father that lives within so many men, we are better individuals, we are better communities, and we are a greater humanity.