Last weekend several women elders gathered at my home and virtually, via the telephone, to be in meditation for three full days in response to the many needs of humanity and our planet. These beautiful elders receive no payment, accolades or acknowledgment for their gift. They do it quietly and with great love.

What makes this meditation challenging is that throughout the three days the women do nothing for humanity and the earth. They set no intentions, send no energy, and say no prayers. Rather than engage in doing, they allow themselves to become the very essence of the Sacred Feminine—they hold us in love.

This sounds really simple, until you sit down to simply be love as you witness others in their pain and struggles. Throughout the three days, people, animals and nature from around the world will find their way to the women, where they will be given the opportunity to simply be held in love. If people choose to be held energetically in love by these women elders, they will experience no judgment for their choices or hope for how they should be. They will simply be loved for who they are. To discover more about this practice of holding, learn more about the Creation Meditation at:

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with holding people accountable for their actions, nor is there anything inappropriate in desiring a better life for someone. But the elders know an ancient secret about what happens when we are loved completely for simply existing. When we are loved, without conditions, we relax and soften, and ultimately surrender to the Divine love that we are. From that awareness of Divine love, we are reborn or re-emerge, to engage life from the perspective of one that knows he or she is fully loved.

So the elders lovingly hold whoever enters the energetic field of their sacred space, whether they are child victims or adult perpetrators, refugees or mercenaries, abused or abuser—all are held in love. Each person is accepted as an expression of Divine Consciousness born from the primordial womb of all life. As such, each person was born from Divine love, though we may struggle as individuals to remember the perfection of that love. By holding each person, regardless of their choices, in the embrace of the Sacred Feminine, it opens a doorway of awareness to our Divine origins, and once again we are free to express our lives from and in that love.

This is equally true for the animals and elements of our planet. We, as humans, tend to forget we live in symbiotic relationship with nature. The animals and elements of nature also carry blueprints of the Divine. When we are struggling to make our choices from a place of Divine love, they reflect our struggle. We become selfish and abuse the resources available to us. We stop taking care of ourselves and stop taking care of the gifts from the Mother. We choose to care for one element of nature but not another. We wait for someone else to clean up our messes and nature pays the price for our lack of stewardship. Recognizing this, the women hold the animals and the elements of nature in their love as well, so that the Divine love that created all things is honored in all of life.

To be able to hold purely, without interference in another’s life or decisions, is a great challenge. Women elders are invited to this meditation because they have consistently demonstrated a capacity to meditate at length, and to enter into the essence of the Sacred Feminine that can love unconditionally. Many of these women have devoted years of their life to devotional practice that has prepared them for these three days in the heart of the Divine Feminine.

We call it a Visioning Ceremony for the world, not because the elders are holding an intention and vision for the world, but rather because they are holding us and we carry our own visions and intentions. By holding each of us in Divine love, we emerge with a clearer sense of self and sacred purpose. In this clarity and in this love, our natural and pure visions for the world, effortlessly emerge—in health, happiness, wholeness, and fulfillment.