Last weekend I had the privilege of witnessing three initiated elders hold compassionate space for the world for three full days.

I was deeply moved as I watched parts of myself unfolding through the dreamtime, as well as in my thoughts and feelings—all the while knowing that they were holding some part of me.

They held the parts of us that feel afraid, lonely, unworthy, abandoned, forgotten, unseen and unheard. They hold us in so much pure compassion that our most difficult feelings begin to dissolve and we are able to experience our heart’s truest desires and our actual potential.

This sounds easy doesn’t it—holding people in compassion? Yet, being the kind of compassion that can hold the emotional wounds of the world, without agenda, expectation, or judgment for three days is a tremendous task.

They have been dedicated to learning the true art of holding as shared in this video series:

These beautiful elders have been preparing for this ceremony for a year—well, probably in truth for all their lives.

While it is true that most of us can access our compassion without too much effort, it takes a great deal of self-honesty and love to hold oneself or others in compassion without expectation that anyone change.

And yet, it is this pure compassion that is the heart of the Sacred Feminine, and in such loving arms, we find our spiritual freedom to be our true and most sacred selves.

I honor you blessed women—Ariann Thomas, Cindy Mills and Helen Sherry for your deep commitment to compassion and to all of us.

May the world be blessed by more women who are willing to face themselves in the depth of their own truth and love all that they see.