The most ancient form of Sacred Feminine prayer is Holding…

… holding humanity within your energetic womb in complete love and without condition, so that we can shed our pain and emerge reborn in our light. Holding is the healing touch of our Sacred Feminine energy that the world most needs right now.
 —Reverend Misa Hopkins, Path of the Sacred Feminine
We invite you to pause for 12 minutes at 12:12 pm (your local time) on December 12.
…to hold the potential of humanity in your unconditional, compassionate love.


Join Reverend Misa, Guardian of a Path in the Sacred Feminine, for a 12 minute tele-meditation at 12:12 Pacific Time for holding humanity and our beloved planet.

Our Love Can Hold It All
Through holding in love we offer creation a gift from our Sacred Feminine essence–a gift that has the power to transform the pain of this world into its potential for peace and joy!

Please invite the men and women you know to join us for Holding the World
on December 12.
If you would like to join us for the special guided meditation, this is how to participate:
Thursday, December 12
12:12 pm Pacific; 3:12 pm Eastern

Conference dial-in number: (951) 262-4343
Participant access code: 730645#

If you need an inexpensive calling option, Skype has a low-cost plan that allows you to call from your computer.

We look forward to seeing you there as we hold the world in the arms of the Sacred Feminine.