Create a private, quiet moment for yourself. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe gently into yourself. Become aware of your heart.  Breathe into your heart and feel it warm and expand as your mind becomes quiet.  Breathe the warmth of your heart into your body, so that all of you is in loving, compassionate awareness.

Allow yourself to remember any moment when you felt love. This can be any kind of love—love for a person or animal, or being loved by a person or animal. It can be delight, compassion, romantic love, tenderness—whatever opens your heart to that inner sense of “Ahhh.”

Now allow your mind to focus on your prayerful nature.  Welcome your prayerful nature into your heart, so that your experience of love and relationship with Divine love are one.  Then welcome your restful nature into your heart so that the Divine nature of rest merges with your heart.  Welcome in your work nature so that your Divine service becomes one with your heartbeat.  Welcome in your Divine spirit of play so that it blends into the spirit of your loving reality.  Hold in your heart the balance of these four energies – prayer, rest, work and play.  Feel them balancing in your heart and welcome them to be in balance in your life.

When you feel in loving balance with prayer, rest, work and play, allow your attention to once more become aware of your body, feeling the physical nature of your body. Breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live in balance.