A week or so ago, I was doing a special, private fire meditation with close friends of mine. As we reflected with the fire, we began seeing images of children in a small refugee camp in what we understood to be Rwanda. These children were orphans, whose parents had been killed or did not know where to find their children. Their clothing was worn, meals were meager and they only seemed to have two adults to watch after the 50-60 children in the camp.

We immediately began holding these children in our compassion and love, praying for their families to find them and praying for additional help to come to them. Whether or not what we were seeing was accurate, what is true is that there are over 1 million abandoned children in Rwanda as a result of the genocide in the 1990’s.

Divine Grace brought them to our attention through our meditation, and it is our sincerest belief that their need for our prayers, love and action on their behalf is the reason they came into our consciousness as we sat in stillness with the sacred fire.

At SpiritQuest ceremonies, we learn how to eat and pray for our questers in such a way that the challenges of fasting and being alone in the woods are eased by our support. I find myself these days, eating my meal and energetically sharing my food with a starving child. I have seen such prayers in action help someone fasting on the hill. I find it acceptable to believe such prayer could help a child in need in another country.

And so I extend an invitation to you to add the children of Rwanda to your prayer list. Perhaps, you will even energetically want to share a meal. And then perhaps, find one of the many agencies providing aid to these children and help them out.

From my heart,