and North American Native Teachings

I’m inspired to share with you what I’m discovering about healing, awakening, the Sacred Feminine, and Native American vision quests I’ve done and have offered for 18 years. For me life is a tapestry of interweaving threads, and lately, I’m seeing some new patterns in the tapestry.

I’ve been thinking about you and thought you too might be intrigued by some ancient teachings available to us from the ancients of North American and Egypt.

I’m currently watching a series of documentaries called “The Pyramid Code,” and my heart is so full. I’m fascinated by the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, some of which is being shared through the insights of. Abd’El Hakim Awyan, an Egyptian elder—his wisdom passed on by word of mouth for generations.

Awyan explains that the ancient Egyptians were very healthy people because they knew how to use all of their senses, not just the five senses we use today.

The Ancient Egyptians Understood the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculineabu_simbel_egypt-normal

The ancient Egyptians understood the importance of balance between their Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies, and that the Sacred Feminine was the part of the brain used for accessing the inner senses.

This balance contributed to their great health and peaceful living. As is the way with true spiritual knowledge, this same teaching was passed on to me by Native American ancestors.

Through the Sacred Feminine aspect of consciousness, they were able to access more senses—up to 360. Yes, 360.

Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to opening consciousness, and through the teachings of my Native tradition, I had learned this consciousness was accessed through the silent, Sacred Feminine aspect.

I kept glancing at my husband, beaming, with tears in my eyes. “Yes, this is what my illnesses have taught me. This is what I teach others to discover for themselves.”

And then he said, (and I’m paraphrasing), that he wanted all people to know that this power lives inside them!

This beautiful elder died some years ago, but his desire for all people to know they have the power inside them to be healthy lives on in you and me.

So how do we access those other senses—the ones that provide us with insights to heal, be healthy, live well, strong and happily?

We give ourselves opportunities to enter into the space of the Sacred Feminine. Early Egyptians understood this. Many ancient temples still stand, and on the walls they painted the records of their sacred work. They created spiritual opportunities that inspired them to open further than they had opened before.

When I was in Egypt years ago, I opened to the opportunities and more than once mysteries opened to me, including my initiation into the Sacred Feminine. Shortly after, the mystery of the Sacred Masculine opened to me.

Why did it happen then? It happened not by accident. It happened because I had put myself into an environment with other people opening to the mysteries. My energy, their energy, our collective dreamtime, our ancestors on the other side of the veil holding space for us to open, the energy of the land itself and the temples…you get the picture.

It was an environment that helped me open beyond my current beliefs and experiences—my personal limits—to the love and wonder that existed beyond my perceptions at that time.


Vision Quest Opens Us to  Our Inner Senses
With my Native elders and teachers, most teaching was done by providing opportunities for direct and mystical experiences to open the inner senses. Here I discovered how interconnected we are to the earth and the cosmos through mystical or peak experiences.

With their guidance, I ventured into the subtle energies, through the inner senses, and it is through these energies I found the source of my healing and blissIf the ancient Egyptians were aware of 360 senses, can you imagine the enlightened state in which they lived; how some tribes have lived?

Because direct experience was so very powerful for me, and because my Native ancestors on the other side of the veil called me, I have been offering Vision Quest for 18 years to provide you with an environment in which your inner sense (as my elders called them) can open widely.

It is a loving environment in which you can stretch beyond your current perceptions. Whether you are seeking to fully heal, prosper, know yourself, discover your purpose, awaken—it is a sacred space that holds you so that you can discover.

This sacred space of Vision Quest is only held once a year. It is my gift from the ancients to you—to create a Sacred Feminine sacred space in which our ancestors are requested to come assist us in our journey of healing and awakening, so that you may discover within you the secrets of your inner senses for health, happiness and awakening.