In the Path of the Sacred Feminine that Reverend Misa shares, we are invited to explore Four Prescriptions: Surrender, Acceptance, Desire and Commitment.

We explore these prescriptions through sacred journeys and sacred songs to help us release the limits that keep us bound in suffering. And we open to our limitless ability to hold it all.

As a prescription, desire in this sense is about the impulse of life from Source. It is not about attachments.

In this meditation, you are invited to go into the nature of desire as it exists in you in this moment—the impulse of creation flowing through you—and experience its raw energy.

The meditation guides you into a process where you release that which keeps you from fulfilling your soul’s desire for fulfillment, so that you can experience the fullness your heart is calling you to.

Keepers, Kim Wight and Amari Gold take you into a Sacred Feminine guided meditation and journey to awaken the spark of desire.