by Guest Writer, Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Business Coach

First of our Three-Part Focus on Prosperity Series

Most of us grew up hearing. “It’s far better to give than to receive.” But have you ever wondered why? It sounds like a simple reminder to share our blessings with others. Important as that is, what if there’s more to the story?

Law of Attraction teaches that we receive what we expect, believe, and focus on. It also teaches that if we don’t like what we receive, we have the spirit-given free will to change our expectations, beliefs and focus – and receive differently.

In other words: we can change what we give out to the universe in order to receive what we prefer.

Giving and receiving always work in pairs – more about that in a moment.

As healers of our own lives, most of us have discovered that we receive a healing when we release the emotional and mental patterns that contribute to our dis-ease. This release usually takes place outside of the physical plane, but our bodies undeniably receive the benefits.

You might be wondering what you “gave” in order to receive a healing. Most likely it was something you “gave up” – a way of thinking that no longer served you.

Giving and receiving, and the Law of Attraction

Giving and receiving together complete a cycle. They appear to be opposites, but from a higher perspective they work together as the negative and positive polarities of what we might call “divine flow.”

Naturally, for flow to occur, both giving and receiving have to happen, and we humans are wired with the capacity to experience both.

So why are we taught it’s better to give?

My theory is: in giving we make the conscious choice to participate in “divine flow.”

As I understand it, the universe creates and sustains all life – we are endlessly blessed by its gifts – there’s nothing we have to do to “deserve” divine love. But when we exercise our spirit-given choice to give, we consciously express our personal alignment with the universe.

According to the Law of Attraction, the more we align with the universe, the more of its grace and abundance we’re able to receive.

By making the conscious choice to give first, we become vehicles for divine grace to flow through us to others. At the same time, we expand our own capacity to receive – and expand our capacity to give even more.

Perhaps the real reason it’s more blessed to give than to receive is that giving is a choice. It’s not a requirement. Choosing to give – especially when it’s not easy or convenient – means we choose to believe in our spiritual connection instead of in the world’s messages of fear and scarcity.

Give out, give up, give in, give . . . whatever words we use, the energy involves letting go of those things we tend to clutch: our habitual thoughts, self concepts, behavioral habits, time, money . . .

In making the very individual, often very uncomfortable, choice to give, we initiate a new cycle of giving and receiving. The more of us who make that choice, the greater the divine flow that surrounds all beings with love, grace, healing, and prosperity.

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