By guest writer, Ariann Thomas

One day I was invited a friend to attend Sunday services with me when I lived in Portland, Oregon. During the service I had written a fairly large check to this church. He noticed how much I donated and afterward we got into a discussion about contributing to spiritual and charitable causes. He asked me why I was giving so much money away when I had bills to pay. He ended with saying that he had been taught, “Charity begins at home.”

I recognized this as a familiar attitude a lot of family and friends had. This man was struggling with prosperity as I had struggled for most of my life until I stumbled across a small book called “30 days to Abundance” by John Randolph Price. This book literally changed my life.

I proceeded to tell my friend that my contribution was basically about my feelings of prosperity. My giving was all about how I felt about ME! When I give away money, it means I have enough—I have enough money to buy food, to pay my bills, to have a roof over my head and I have enough to share. My contribution is an affirmation of my trust in Spirit that Spirit will continue to provide in the future.

I grew up in a lower middle class family. There were times when my family could not pay the bills and we went hungry. This didn’t happen often and it didn’t last long but the emotional experience stayed with me into my adult years. Before I read this book and changed my attitude, I was hanging on to every cent I made and constantly telling people how poor I was. I was living out of fear.

For decades I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money tomorrow to buy groceries, or to make the rent payment. It never actually happened but the fear was always present. After I read the Abundance book I began practicing giving away money. I still felt my fear but gave freely without any intention of getting something back. I always affirmed I had enough money for me and enough to share. Fear had restricted the flow of love, grace, opportunity and abundance in life. When I let go of the fear, my energy was free. I was always taken care of by Spirit.

One time after I quit the job I had for 10 years, I traveled around the country looking for another. I found a new place to live and with some savings moved there without a job.

Six months later I still did not have a full time job, and my money was gone. I had interviewed for a job that felt really good. I knew I was where I should be. I knew this new job was mine. I just continued to pray and trust. I borrowed money for the rent and continued to give away part of what I earned. One week after I borrowed the rent money I was hired for the new job at more money than the job was advertised for and more money I had ever made. It turned out to be the best job I ever had. Thank you Spirit!

Now I have to say that Spirit doesn’t always follow my time requests. You know that old saying, “Lord give me patience…and I want it NOW.” I really would have liked to have gotten that job before I had to borrow money for the rent. However, borrowing money for the rent taught me interdependence and gave my friend the opportunity to be generous when I needed it. Spirit has His/Her own agenda to follow. I believe the agenda is about teaching me to truly trust in the Higher Order of the Universe.

When I first began this practice I started out slowly giving just a little bit. I got just a little bit in return. Then I began to trust more. I began to circulate more of my bounty in earnest. When I feel myself holding on to money or things I say an affirmation, bless what I’m holding onto and let it go.

I invite you to join me in releasing the fear that you do not have enough prosperity and abundance in your life for tomorrow. Embrace life by trusting Spirit and sharing the abundance you do have in your life. Spirit will move to fill your life with abundance in unexpected ways.

I wish you love and abundance to share.

Many Blessings to You and Your Family,
Reverend Ariann